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ARCHITECT INFO: Armstrong Atelier

Armstrong Atelier comprises a specially recruited team of multitalented, versatile experts comprising CAD designers, project managers and technical sales representatives and a portfolio of intelligent, efficient, cost-effective tailored ceiling and wall solutions for even the most challenging of creative and technical briefs.

Armstrong’s peerless portfolio of materials (mineral, metal, wood, resin and fabric) and systems (including TECH ZONE which guarantees the integration of services such as lighting, air handling, loudspeakers and chilled beams) has enabled the Atelier team to deliver some stunning and technically challenging projects globally such as the customised security clips to handle the exceptional wind pressure requirements at Mile End tube station, London.

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Birmingham County Council
United Kingdom
The ceiling solution was an incredibly important component of the design of
the internal office environment – visually, acoustically and for ease of access to services.
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Passmores School
United Kingdom
The corridor ceiling planks play both an important acoustic role and aesthetic one. The technical advice and design assistance from Armstrong helped to develop a very neat interface detail between the bespoke pressed lay-in ceiling planks and abutting plasterboard ceiling.
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