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The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture is a comprehensive portrayal of the best contemporary architecture from around the globe completed since January 1998, and offers an opportunity to understand both the similarities and the incredible diversity which characterize today's practice.
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VILLAS presents colour reports of the most beautiful homes in a glossy, bilingual (French - Dutch) publication, which review the latest trends in architecture, interior decoration, design, art and renovation. VILLAS also offers more targeted features...
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Chaque mois, amc le moniteur architecture vous présente :
L'actualité des petites comme des grandes réalisations architecturales en France et en Europe, des aménagements urbains, du paysage, du design, de l'aménagement intérieur (avec plans, coupes détails….).
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Deutscher Baukatalog Online
Bauprodukte + Hersteller – schnell und einfach suchen und finden
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THE PLAN’s editorial strategy right from the start has been to present architecture projects as information and learning tools, highly profitable for the professionals who read them. Texts are in English and Italian while the construction details are in English, Italian, German and Spanish. All photographs, drawings, and graphic details follow the same format, ensuring easy of reading and reference.
THE PLAN’s editorial approach is to provide in-depth understanding of the architectures reviewed. Content quality is a major prerequisite. Each project is prepared with the utmost attention, from the construction details through to imagines and graphic design. Special focus is given to the link between project design and realisation, to the way architects, designers and construction companies have worked together.
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Archplus widmet sich seit fast vier Jahrzehnten dem Experiment in Architektur und Städtebau. Angesiedelt zwischen Architektur, Stadt, Kultur und Medien lotet Archplus vierteljährlig die Grenzen der sich wandelnden Disziplinen in Theorie und Praxis mit intelektueller Neugier aus.
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Hét tijdschrift voor wie gaat (ver)bouwen! Alles wat u moet weten: technische kneepjes, juridisch advies, analyses van bouwbedrijven, realisaties van architecten, keukens, sanitair, rentevoeten …

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