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This international portal site has been created in conformity with Belgian law for the purpose of providing information about architecture, architects, students and education in architecture. The database is registered with the privacy protection commission under the number HM 2001470 attributed to the manager and under the number VT 4001624 attributed to the processing. Several brand names have also been registered, namely Archi-Europe® Archi-News® ArchiContact® Archibel® ArchiFrance® ArchItalia®
Archi-Students® Arquiberia®, ArchiHellas® ArchiSuisse® ArchiLux® Archidome® Archivisit® ArchiWorld ®

The enterprise number of the company is BE 466180911; In compliance with Belgian law, the purpose and function of the company was published in the Belgian Official Moniteur/Staatsblad.

1. Definitions:

"User" means the person or persons who access or secure access to the site for themselves or others, or person(s) who are responsible for the communications taking place with the site (e.g. various automatic search engines).

"Receiver" means the (legal) person who receives a communication (whether or not in digital form) from the service provider.

"Service provider" means the company Archi-Europe NV with registered office at Dennedreef 8a, 3721 Vliermaalroot, and enterprise number 466180911.

"Site" means the website including all binary information, code and scripts (whether or not compiled).

"Log file" means the files which are automatically created by the computers, website of the service provider on the user, in order to maintain statistical information about the site.

"Material" means all forms of information which are made available via the site or via e-mails by the service provider.

2. Designation of the processing as attributed by the Commission with no. VT 4001624

Every architect, student, school is registered free of charge on the Archi-Europe / site, together with 150,000 colleagues from 23 different countries.

It is via this source ´the internet´ that everyone can consult data quickly and easily. The objective of Archi-Europe is to provide architects with the most efficient information;

 3. Area of application.
This legal notice applies to all accessible and inaccessible material of the site(s), . ,

4. Preparation of a user account:

When preparing a user account, the preparer has the choice of whether or not to subscribe to various electronic reports.
5. Right of the users:
 The users are entitled to use the site for their own use. The downloads available on the site are for personal, non-commercial use only. This use of material does not entail that the material may be distributed, modified, sent, re-used, re-sent or used without the advance written approval of the service provider.
6. Right of the registered architects, students and schools:

The persons registered in the database always have the right to review the information, correct errors or delete information.
The registered persons themselves have the choice of whether or not to upload files to the site.

By uploading specific information, the uploaders transfer all intellectual property rights of these files with their information to the service provider so that the latter can freely dispose of them.
The registered users themselves are responsible and liable for the information, illustrations, etc. which they upload. Under no circumstances can the service provider be held liable and responsible for the publication of explicit and/or otherwise improper, unsound or erroneous material.

7. Right of the receiver:

The receiver is at all times entitled to have himself removed from the sending database. The service provider includes an unsubscribe link at the end of each communication.

If there are continuing problems, the receiver can directly contact Archi-Europe by sending an e-mail to abuse @

8. Right of the service provider:

The service provider is entitled to change and remove information, illustrations, etc. at any time. The service provider can also freely dispose of all of the information which is submitted to it.

9. Intellectual property rights:

All of the information, techniques, methods, texts, drawings and models which are used by the service provider fall under the intellectual property rights. Under no circumstances does the service provider transfer the intellectual property rights on information, techniques, methods and models which were used, are used or still can be used to the users (whether or not registered).

10. Collection of information in log files

The collected information includes, in addition to statistical data, certain actions of the user. This information will be used by the service provider in order to adapt or improve its own services with a view to achieving greater efficiency. Further, the information saved in the log files can be used in order to take steps against abuse.

11. Applicable law

 Belgian law applies and all disputes will also be brought before the Belgian District Court of Hasselt.

12. Liability 

This site is offered "as is", without any guarantee or responsibility on the part of the Service Provider. The user enters the site at his own risk.

The service provider is not responsible or liable for damage or getting a virus on the computer, data or any other property of the user through the use of this site via the browser, downloading, e-mailing of material, illustrations, texts, data, pictures, sounds, e-mail from this site or from any other linked site.
13. Notices

General complaints: Please send any complaint and/or form of protest firstly to abuse @ The service provider will then process the complaint and do everything possible to arrive at a fair solution. The service provider can send specific complaints in connection with criminal activities to the competent authorities at any time.
Complaints about intellectual property or trademarks: If you believe that your intellectual property or trademark is being used without your authorisation, please send your complaint firstly to abuse @

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