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Official launch at BATIMAT  

Archi-Students writes a page of history at Batimat.
A triumphant reception for the federative portal
François Geindre (Directeur de l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris Val de Seine);
Heimo Scheuch (COO Wienerberger);
Jacques Allard (CEO Archi-Europe);
Borina Andrieu (Development Manager Wilmotte et Ass.);
Guillerme Huguen (Directeur Commercial Saint-Gobain Glass) et
Gaëtan Siew (Président UIA).
Pierre Bourrier (Directeur Général d'Arcelor BCS ) (not on this picture)
Paris . Batimat. Wednesday, 9th of November 2005  3 p.m. The official launch of the site brought together the various actors who are the very essence of the project.
Top industrialists, schools of architecture, designers and a large number of students came to cheer on this great new initiative.
Borina Andrieu, development manager for the agency Wilmotte & Associés welcomed it as an instrument of transmission and of exchanges, stressing at the same time the link with the Fondation Wilmotte, which was recently set up with the aim of encouraging young talent

The director of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris Val de Seine, François Geindre applauded it as a space of immediate and continuous knowledge, a research tool, a means of nurturing a special relationship with the profession. Two students shared their concrete experience, praising the effectiveness of the portal, which makes it possible in particular to spectacularly cut down the time necessary to find a traineeship.
The industrialists present, whose support made the creation of possible, were delighted with the indispensable possibilities of direct communication it offers. Pierre Bourrier, Director General of Arcelor BCS, underlined the importance of a « cross fertilisation » ; Heimo Scheuch, COO of Wienerberger, put the emphasis on the permanent dialogue ; Guillerme Huguen, Sales Director at Saint-Gobain Glass expressed his satisfaction with this bridge that has been built between architects and students, underpinned by a constant quest for innovation.
As for the president of the UIA, Gaétan Siew, who had come to share his enthusiasm for the project with those concerned, he is a firm believer in dialogue and reminded those present of the major role played by the UIA in the fields of education, in the exercise of the profession itself and in continuous training.
The event took place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, reflecting the site, designed by Jacques Allard, its president, and his entire team, to be a truly federative project. For each European student, unlimited and free access to the world of architecture is now a dream come true.


PPT-presentation at batimat EN

PPT-presentation at batimat FR

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