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Dear students,
Culture and creativity have always fed on people and ideas coming together. These exchanges have made Europe our culture and heritage because since the Renaissance, artists, craftsmen and builders have travelled extensively, taking with them the skills which with they themselves developed during their travels.

Only yesterday, Niemeyer worked in Paris and Le Corbusier in Chandighar...

Today, the scene is even more international: managing a large architects firm means creating synergies between teams located around the world and merging the talents of people from all corners of the globe. For example, at our firm, Wilmotte & Associates, we work around the clock in 6 or 7 different languages and in about twenty countries.

In fact, I am really convinced that to encourage creativity you need to draw from the best of the Others, in your country as well as abroad. In the footsteps of Carlo Scarpa in Venice, I also understand that it is possible to revitalize the current significance and modernity of passed oeuvres through contemporary design, and as such allow us to better understand the dreams and emotions that they provoked in their time.

In this respect, only the exchange of ideas will enable young people to find new, contemporary expressions which, alongside the successes of yesterday, will constitute the new heritage of tomorrow. Moreover, this is the spirit of the competition which has been created this year by the Wilmotte Foundation for architecture students in Europe.

I hope this indicates how happy I am with this initiative. The site provides information at an international level on the educational, cultural and professional aspects of your future profession.
With Archi-students, free access to the universe of exchange has become a reality for all European students.
Click, exchange, travel...


Bravo !

Jean-Michel WILMOTTE
Architect and Chairman of the Wilmotte Foundation
             Sponsor of the site.                 



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