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Mission Statement

ARCHI-EUROPE proudly presents the first European network for students in architecture: ARCHI-STUDENTS.ORG 

Over the years Archi-Europe has become the most reliable and respected architecture communication network in Europe, offering free high quality information tools to the entire European architectural community. 

Today 182 000 of Europe’s finest architects are registered member of Archi-Europe.

ARCHI-EUROPE’s quest for new pioneering ideas has now led to the creation and development of a creative and exciting new European initiative: ARCHI-STUDENTS.ORG

ARCHI-STUDENTS.ORG is the first original European portal site for the architects of tomorrow: the students in architecture. They will determine the content and spirit of ARCHI-STUDENTS.ORG together with their teachers in order to better answer the needs and wishes of both students and schools.

ARCHI-STUDENTS.ORG is the first network to give students an identity, their own personal profile on the net, offering them job opportunities, Erasmus exchange programs, training sessions and an international event calendar, a forum with theme topics, a creative award, all this on a full European scale. Established architects will inspire and encourage the young generation, pass on ideas and knowledge. ARCHI-STUDENTS is of course totally free of charge for every European student!   

The official launch of ARCHI-STUDENTS was in September 2005. The official inauguration ceremony of Archi-Students took place on November 9 th, 2005 during BATIMAT in Paris. Honourable guest speakers made a bridge between de world of architects today and the one of the architects of tomorrow.

Join us in this happy event! INSPIRE THE FUTURE with ARCHI-STUDENTS.ORG!

Jacques, Luc, Evi, Marie-claire, Caroline, Gerd, Lieve, Bart, Etienne, Jacqueline, Jana, Monika, Ronald, Olivier, Jonathan and Deborah.


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